Professional Training: Every Pillar To Post home inspector is trained in the classroom and in the field. You can have confidence in the fact that all Pillar To Post inspectors are required to continually upgrade their skills and to keep current with new technologies and professional standards.

The Matson Team
Andrew Matson - Owner & Operator

Andrew Matson - Owner & Operator

Meet Andrew Matson, the dedicated majority owner of Pillar to Post. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, having been a licensed home inspector in North Carolina since 2016 and in South Carolina since 2018. His expansive expertise and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind our company’s success.

Andrew’s journey in the field began in 2015, three years after the inception of the company by his father, Jim Matson. Learning the ropes from the age of seven, Andrew was introduced to the world of construction by his father. This hands-on experience instilled in him a deep understanding of the industry, shaping him into the proficient inspector he is today.

His father’s mentorship and his lifelong experience enable Andrew to conduct comprehensive inspections with a keen eye, ensuring that every detail is meticulously assessed. He approaches every inspection with a deep sense of commitment, ensuring our clients receive a service that’s nothing short of the best.

Andrew’s leadership and extensive industry knowledge have been instrumental in growing Pillar to Post into the reputable company it is today. His dedication, professionalism, and passion for home inspection are the cornerstones of our company. When you choose us, you can be confident that you’re in the hands of a seasoned, dedicated professional who values integrity and thoroughness in every inspection.

Roger Williams

Roger Williams - Home Inspector

Meet Roger Williams, our esteemed home inspector, licensed in North Carolina. Roger carries with him a deep-rooted understanding of the industry, thanks to his background in construction, a family trade he learned from his father.

Roger has been part of our team for two years, during which time he has consistently exemplified professionalism and dedicated service. He approaches each inspection with the same meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that no issue goes unnoticed. His comprehensive, fair, and objective evaluations have made him a favorite among our clients.

Being an active licensed home inspector, Roger stays updated on all the latest standards, techniques, and safety regulations. His skills, knowledge, and construction background make him uniquely suited to perform thorough, high-quality home inspections.

In his personal life, Roger is an avid lover and coach of fitness and continues to share his passion for construction by spending his free time on DIY projects and keeping up to date of the latest trends in home building and design.

At our company, we are incredibly proud to have Roger on our team, bringing in his dedication, experience, and passion for home inspection. When you choose us, you can be confident knowing Roger will bring his wealth of knowledge and keen eye to your home inspection.

Ryan Matson

Ryan Matson - Testing Specialist

Meet Ryan Matson, a crucial part of our team and partial owner of our company. Ryan serves as our certified Testing Specialist, carrying an impressive portfolio with certifications in both radon and mold testing. His commitment to safety and health is reflected in his tireless efforts to ensure our clients’ homes are free from these potential threats.

Ryan’s key role extends beyond testing. As an integral part of our operations for the past three years, his keen eye for detail and adaptability contributes directly to the seamless execution of our daily operations and inspections. His outstanding commitment to our mission ensures that every task is carried out with the highest standards of professionalism.

Beyond his role, Ryan is a fitness enthusiast, channeling the same passion and dedication he applies in his professional life to his personal fitness regime. His discipline and focus reflect his overall approach to life – purposeful and committed.

As part of our team, Ryan’s expertise, dedication, and professionalism significantly enhance our ability to deliver top-quality service to our clients. With Ryan on our team, you can have full confidence in the quality and thoroughness of our service.

Carley Christopher

Carley Christopher - Scheduler and Office Administrator

Meet Carley Christopher, our dedicated Scheduler and Office Administrator. Carley is the backbone of our operation, ensuring every process runs smoothly and effectively. Known for her superior organizational skills and responsiveness, she is the go-to contact for all our clients and agents.

Carley seamlessly coordinates inspections, ensuring schedules are efficiently managed and communications are prompt. Her ability to multitask while maintaining a keen eye for detail sets her apart.

Beyond her role, Carley’s charm and helpful nature make every interaction a pleasant experience. Her commitment to delivering top-tier customer service is evident in her work, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

In short, Carley is an embodiment of our company’s ethos of service, organization, and efficiency. Her contributions significantly enhance our ability to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.